OKIC By-Laws

Adopted July 7, 2017

Mission Statement

OKIC is a community organization that serves as an interface between the interested public and other community entities about geocaching in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana tri-state area.


A. General business meetings for the total membership will be held a minimum of once per year in the summer (any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, preferably in June) for the purpose of electing officers and conducting other business. Additional meetings may be called as needed by the Steering Committee. Business meetings shall be announced on the OKIC website or social media site(s) at least one week in advance.
B. Steering Committee meetings may be called as needed by the Chairman of the Steering Committee. These meetings may be open or closed to the general membership, depending on the nature of the meeting, at the discretion of the Chairman.
C. Meetings of other committees may be called by the chairman of that committee as needed.


A. General Member. Membership in OKIC shall remain open to all interested persons who support the goals as described in the Mission Statement. Each member must also maintain an active account on Geocaching.com, either individually or as part of a team.
B. Voting Member. Any individual General Member who is at least 18 years of will be eligible to vote, regardless of whether they are part of a team, or have an individual account. Voting members may be asked to provide the Organization with information deemed necessary to provide identification before voting.
C. OKIC has no official dues or monetary charges for membership. In the future, dues may be established as deemed appropriate and voted on by the Steering Committee.


This Association will elect officers who will hold office for a term of one year, from the date of the summer meeting in one year to the date of the summer meeting in the next.


The elected officers shall be Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and Community Outreach Liaison. These officers will comprise the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be empowered to handle any important business during the time between meetings and will be in charge of setting agenda for upcoming meetings and events. The duties of these officers are as follows:


i. Oversee operations of Steering Committee.
ii. Moderate Steering Committee and Business Meetings.
iii. Be a liaison between OKIC and other geocaching related groups, i.e. geocaching.com
iv. Assist other Committee members with their duties.
v. Serve as a tiebreaker in committee and general membership voting.
vi. Listen to geocaching related concerns of OKIC members.
vii. Receive and respond to calls and other communications not specific to another position.
viii. Appoint interim officers in case of vacancy.


i. Write an Agenda for the next meeting at least 1 week before the meeting and publish on the OKIC website and/or social media site(s).
ii. Write meeting minutes and publish on the OKIC website or social media site(s) within 1 week of any meeting.
iii. Send thank you notices to all pertinent parties for services rendered, use of spaces, financial or product donations, etc.
iv. Assume the duties of Chairperson in the event the Chairperson is unable to attend a meeting, or if a vacancy occurs.
v. Ensure fair elections by verifying the identity of Voting Members and ensuring that only one vote per Member is counted.
vi. Maintain ledger for the group and initiate disbursements for authorized expenditures.

Event Coordinator

The event coordinator organizes events or gatherings throughout the year to promote camaraderie among geocachers or to provide service to the community.

i. Coordinate park contacts with Community Outreach Liaison
ii. Coordinate set up and cleanup of events
iii. Coordinate Sponsorship or donations for the events, providing funds received and receipt for expenses to the Secretary/Treasurer
iv. Ensure that events are coordinated to minimize overlapping dates with other local geocaching groups.
v. Assume the duties of Chairperson if vacancies occur for both the Chairperson and Secretary.

Community Outreach Liaison

The Community Outreach Liaison shall coordinate community outreach efforts:

i. Work with local and state land management entities to facilitate geocaching on public lands.
ii. Coordinate with other community organizations and individuals to promote geocaching.
iii. Coordinate efforts to educate geocachers on guidelines, practices, and laws applicable to geocaching.
iv. Seek positive and appropriate publicity opportunities for the promotion of geocaching.
v. Assume the duties of Chairperson if vacancies occur for all three other officer positions.

Procedure for the election of officers

A. Nominations for the next year’s officers will be taken prior to the summer meeting. An individual may be nominated by volunteering or by being nominated by another member.
B. Elections will be held at the summer business meeting, and those individuals elected will immediately take office.
C. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for posting a ballot on the OKIC website and/or social media at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the summer meeting.
D. The Voting Members present at the summer meeting will complete the voting process. Voting Members may vote by proxy by procedures to be established by the Secretary. Voting Members may vote only one time per ballot. In the event the Secretary cannot verify the identity of a person voting by proxy, their vote will not be counted.
E. The voting process will be accomplished by repeated polling until a single candidate has a majority of the votes. If no candidate is elected for an office on the first ballot, only the votes of members present will be counted on subsequent ballots – no proxy voting.

Procedure for the removal of an officer

Any officer who fails to perform their duties can be removed and replaced. A Committee member may remove himself/herself from the Committee, or they may be removed by 3/4 majority vote of the general membership. Examples of conditions under which a Committee member may be removed include, but are not limited to, breach of confidentiality, failure to disclose a conflict of interest, or failure to exercise the duties of a Committee member. The Committee member in question is not eligible to vote in their own dismissal, regardless of the situation in which they are leaving.

Procedure for replacing an officer

In the event of a vacancy on the Steering Committee, the Chairperson or acting Chairperson shall appoint an interim replacement as soon as possible. Nominations for a permanent replacement are to be accepted, and an election is to be held within 2-4 weeks of the vacancy occurring. Election procedures are the same as for other elections, with the exception that the vote may be done entirely by proxy.


A. The Chairman of the Steering committee shall not vote, except in order to break a tie.
B. Other Steering Committee members shall be permitted to vote in both Steering Committee meetings and General Membership meetings. In order for an issue to be accepted, a simple majority of eligible members present is necessary.
C. By-Laws may be adopted or amended by a 2/3 vote of eligible members.
D. Disciplinary action against a member or removal of an officer requires a 3/4 vote of eligible members.


Funding for OKIC events and programs will be on a donation basis, handled by either the events coordinator or the member in charge of the event or program. Proceeds from the sale of OKIC merchandise and excess funds will be applied to future events or programs.


Committees will be formed and charged with responsibilities at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

Web Presence

OKIC shall maintain a presence on the Internet, by obtaining and maintaining a website and/or by establishing and maintaining page(s) on social media, as directed by the Steering Committee.

Disciplinary Action against members

A. Any member whose actions are deemed to run counter to the best interests of OKIC or the sport of geocaching shall be subject to disciplinary action.
B. Disciplinary actions that may be taken include, but are not limited to, temporary or permanent revocation of an individual’s membership, removal from social media sites or the OKIC webpage, and loss of the privilege of attending OKIC events.
C. In order for any disciplinary action to be taken against a member, a member of the Steering Committee must bring a motion before the general membership.
D. The member to be disciplined shall have been contacted to ensure that the member can have an opportunity to speak in his or her defense if he or she chooses.
E. A 75% majority vote of eligible members is required to impose disciplinary action against a member.

Ratification of the By-Laws

A. Ratification of these By-Laws are based on the provisions of the previous By-Laws and any ratified amendments.
B. These By-Laws will take effect immediately and from that time forward.
C. All current officers shall retain their positions until the next general election.