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Ohio Kentucky and Indiana Cachers (OKIC) is the geocaching club of Greater Cincinnati. Started in 2001 and organized in May of 2003, our membership is made up of hundreds people all over the tri-state area.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to serve as a forum for communication between geocachers in the Tri-State Area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana), the general public, and land management officials, in an effort to promote the sport of geocaching as an approved and desirable activity in our parks and other public places.

  • Geocachers

    More than 1,000 active geocachers within the region.


    More than 10,000 geocache listings within the region.

  • 3rd Oldest Annual Event

    OKIC is home to the OKIC Summer Picnic, the 3rd oldest, continuous, annual Geocaching event.. On Earth!

  • Oldest Geocache Listing in Ohio

    GC31A "Shawnee Lookout Cache" Hidden: Feb-18-2001

Our Philosophy
With the rise in popularity of geocaching, and restrictions being placed on public lands, O.K.I.C. recognizes that a positive relationship with our local and state land management officials will be beneficial to the survival of our sport. No single solution will suffice in meeting these requirements. In order to facilitate such an undertaking, it is necessary to first establish a means of communication and discussion, both among fellow geocachers, and land management officials. Secondly, but of equal importance, is education for all concerned.

O.K.I.C. Steering Committee
The members of the OKIC Steering Committee have been elected to serve as a medium to discuss any issues in local geocaching and to uphold the Mission Statement of O.K.I.C.

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Local Geocaching

Hall of Fame Geocaches

Award winning OKIC Caches

TB Hotels

Travel Bug Hotels of America Winners within the OKIC Region.

Shawnee Lookout Cache

GC31A, the oldest, active, Geocache listing in the State of Ohio!

Donut Trail GeoTour

The worlds only DONUT GeoTour!

Map of Events for Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana